All about Alicia Moffet's kitchen

Alicia Moffet and Alex Mentink's kitchen design mandate was to create a space with a Modern Farmhouse look. It was very important for them to create an aesthetically pleasing, functional and original kitchen and to design the focal point that would link the living room and the dining room. Challenge met!

At first glance, the project seemed complex because the original space was very compartmentalized. Once the walls were taken down, we had a beautiful, open-plan room that was very much in keeping with the times. The conceptualization of the kitchen could then begin.

Since the room was very bright, we wanted to create a custom space that would reflect their little family: energetic and engaging.

vaisselier sur mesure alicia moffet armoires cuisines action

nouvelle cuisine alicia moffet armoires cuisines action

At Armoires Cuisines Action, our kitchen designers listen to your needs and propose custom solutions. You can see here that the kitchen has a back-kitchen. This room, dedicated to storage and small appliances, makes Alicia and Alex very happy. Depending on the needs, this space could also be used as a pantry.

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The choice of materials has been thought out so that the selected colors are timeless, luminous and match the other elements of the room, such as the floors, for example.

materiaux armoires polyester bois aluminium alicia moffet

The white polyester was selected for its ease of care and matte look. With a young baby and pets at home, this was a wise choice for Alicia and Alex.

To enhance the warmth of the room, what better than wood! A maple wood was selected and a champagne stain was carefully applied. This addition to the kitchen and china cabinet shelves gives them a slight antique effect that matches the Farmhouse look of the residence.

nouvelle cuisine alicia moffet armoires cuisines action

The china cabinet is adorned with our new matte black anodized aluminum glass doors, which give way to beautiful decorative objects. And finally, black handles that match the materials and give character to the room and the final touch to the design.

vaisselier cuisine alicia moffet armoires cuisines action

We hope that you will have the same love for this project as we do! Watch the La Casa Moff series produced by the couple and featuring all the steps of the project. Follow us on Instagram to make sure you don't miss any of the unveiling!

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