Signée Québec – Cuisine ■ Salle de bain

Created by the Association des fabricants et détaillants de l'industrie de la cuisine du Québec (AFDICQ), of which we are a member, the Signée Québec – Cuisine ■ Salle de bain logo is a flagship symbol that aims to promote Quebec know-how and encourage local, regional and Quebec purchases.

signee quebec chez armoires cuisines action

Why choose cabinets Signée Québec – Cuisine ■ Salle de bain?

  • For creativity and product design
  • To encourage local purchasing
  • For quality of work
  • To encourage job creation
  • For competitive pricing

Quebec can count on some very talented designers. Opting for cabinets designed and manufactured here means choosing furniture designed by Quebec designers and made and then installed by local or regional labor.

Signée Québec – Cuisine ■ Salle de bain puts forward flagship values that correspond to what you have the right to expect, as a consumer, when you travel to meet us.

Armoires Cuisines Action, proud Quebec flagship

In business for more than 30 years, at Armoires Cuisines Action, we employ nearly 300 qualified people who are committed to working with us to offer you quality products and services. All our products are carefully designed and manufactured in Quebec. We are also committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and we have implemented a number of actions such as the use of recycled and reusable packaging and the reuse of our melamine waste. Each year, 1 % of our profits are donated to causes that are dear to us; education, support for the elderly and health are among our central concerns.