Installation manager construction site

Headquarters of Sainte-Sabine

Under the immediate responsibility of the delivery and installation manager, the site technical installation manager works in close collaboration with the installers. It ensures compliance with the quality of the installations according to the standards of Armoires Cuisines Action, proposes and establishes continuous improvement solutions relating to its sector.

Required profile

Leadership, decision-making and analytical skills, good communication skills. Autonomy, concern for results, excellent sense of organization and priorities. Rigor and critical thinking. Customer service oriented and a very good team spirit.

Main tasks

  • Inspect the work performed by installers in accordance with the standards and quality standards of Armoires Cuisines Action;
  • Act as a technician in connection with the installations on the sites;
  • Issue reports indicating the strengths and areas for improvement to the various installers assessed regarding their installations;
  • Propose and establish solutions to improve the quality of work of installers;
  • Train new installers according to our quality standards;
  • Work in collaboration with the after-sales service;
  • Inspect construction sites; either assess the accessibility, safety, cleanliness and cooperation of the site foreman, if applicable;
  • Perform weekly inspection reports and ensure quality control;
  • Provide the necessary installation tools and materials for new installers;
  • Provide the necessary assistance to installers as needed;
  • All other tasks directly related to the job.


  • Five (5) years of minimum experience in a similar position;
  • Possess a valid class 5 driver's license;
  • Have an occupational health and safety card on construction sites;
  • Have a CCQ card (an asset);
  • Be flexible in terms of working hours, depending on the work to be done and having to travel regularly;
  • Good communication and thoroughness;
  • Mastery of software and technological environments in common use;
  • Excellent knowledge in the field of cabinets and construction;
  • Excellent ability to manage and resolve problematic situations;
  • Ability to work under pressure and to carry out several files at the same time.