Production start-up technician

Headquarters of Sainte-Sabine

Reporting immediately to the Technical Operations Manager, the production start-up technician acts as an intermediary between the technical designers and the production department to lead to the launch of the production release of customer orders.

Required profile

Conscientious, thorough, methodical, resourceful, organizational and responsible. Diplomatic, customer service oriented and very good team player.

Main tasks

  • Take orders from technical designers and read/revalidate design drawings (dimensions and project feasibility);
  • Make adjustments necessary to produce the correct parts to the correct dimensions;
  • Manage orders at the SAC;
  • Transfer parts to the factory on the saws from the NcCenter;
  • Make panel management to minimize material loss in the factory;
  • Order external doors from various vendors;
  • Confirm receipt of door orders;
  • Manage the prioritization of orders coming into Production Startup;
  • Process special requests/cases from designers;
  • Any other tasks directly related to the job.


  • Minimum DES or equivalent;
  • Three (3) years of minimum experience in a similar position;
  • Good knowledge in the field of construction and cabinets;
  • Master and quickly visualize plans;
  • Very good knowledge of cabinet standards;
  • Proficiency in IT tools (Filemaker, Cabinet vision);
  • Knowledge of factory work;
  • Ability to work under pressure and to successfully complete several files at the same time.