Your new project in 4 easy steps

Renovating your kitchen, bathroom or even laundry room is a thrilling episode. So many designs are possible! The choices of materials, hardware and fixtures are virtually endless. Entrust your project to our strong and trustworthy team, qualified and dedicated staff who are always striving to do better. Your project is in good hands.

Step 1 - Before your first appointment

Note your lifestyle habits as well as the positive aspects of your current kitchen or bathroom and make a list of your new priorities and wishes.

Step 2 - First Appointment

Bring all the documents that you have previously filled out regarding your new kitchen or bathroom. In order to start their custom layout proposal, your kitchen designer will gather all the information related to:

  • Your needs, habits and tastes
  • Your budget

Step 3 - Second Appointment

You will experience the exceptional experience of our 3D Virtual Universe. Your kitchen designer will present you the 3D views of your project, that will immerse you in the heart of your future custom space.

You will also receive a cost estimate. This will be the moment to confirm your final choices. The sales contract will be signed once all the elements have been reviewed and are to your complete satisfaction.

Step 4 - Home measurement taking

A measuring technician will proceed to take measurements at your home. This person will ensure the link between your project and your kitchen designer specialist to produce the layout plans. Here is what he will need:

  • Floor coverings
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Appliances